Pat Antonopoulos
Patti Dickinson
Shawna Samuel
Jo Ann Stanley
Seven Locks Press
“Four Ordinary Women exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit.  These essays are forged of grit and honesty and speak to all of us.”
Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
“WOW…this was the most powerful, touching, and uplifting piece of reading I have ever read.  There are hundreds of books under the heading “Spiritual Reading.”  This book gives a whole new meaning to the heading…I was overwhelmed with the power of imagery, metaphor, and articulated fathomless feelings poured out on these magnificent pages.”
Edwin Lisson, S. J. - St. Louis University
“Just as there are no normal families, so there are no ordinary women, and, despite its engaging title, this book proves that.  Each of the four women who participated in this intriguing project is unique and each, thus, resists being labeled as ordinary or labeled as anything other than endlessly interesting.  What these women show is that we all have our stories to tell because we all have been blessed and battered by life.  Readers will find countless points of intersection with their thoughts and experiences because we all share a common humanity.  But readers will not simply be looking in a mirror here at their own lives played out by another.  Rather, they will find new insights into common experiences.”
Bill Tammeus, Faith Columnist, The Kansas City Star
“These writers have engaged in a remarkable process of self-discovery and insight resulting in an enlightening peek into the human family and the far-reaching effects of the family’s predictable patterns and repetitions.”
Dori Moore, Family systems Therapist
“Four Ordinary Women is an extraordinary journey!  What a gift to find not only one woman sharing her life in such a real and honest way but all four!  I found myself relating to each woman at different times as I read this book and in different places of their lives and in min.  A wonderful and heartfelt work of love that is obvious on every unique and different page.”
Mary B. Lucas, author of Lunchmeat & Life Lessons:  Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom
“Four Ordinary Women is beautifully written.  Brutally honest.  Funny.  Powerful.  Comforting.  It’s impossible to read this book without relating the stories to one’s own life—and being moved to treasure some things and to change others.”
Patricia (Pat) Schudy, former youth columnist, Talk to Us, Universal Press Syndicate
“These four ordinary women have given us a book that is both brave and inspiring.  By turns funny and sad, serious and flippant, impassioned and reflective, this collection of short pieces on a variety of subjects provides a glimpse into the lives and experiences of these women.  Their commitment to honesty is praiseworthy, and one hopes that their example will serve to inspire others throughout the country to come together to share their lives in writing.”
Brian Bowles, PhD., Philosopher and Counselor
“Four Ordinary Women points out that friendships can be forged and nourished with overwhelming results.  Kudos to the ladies who share their stories with us.”
Jane Glenn Hass, columnist, founder of WomanSage.